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Why hire an Independent Educational Consultant?

Unfortunately, California public schools and many private schools have cut back the number of guidance counselors on hand which severely limits the amount of time students receive on individual college planning.  According to the Western Association for College Admission Counseling the guidance counselor to student ratio is currently 1000:1, the worst in the nation. With over 4,000 colleges and universities to choose from, the search, application, and selection process has become more complicated which makes it difficult to stay organized and ahead of the deadline curve.   BEC spends a considerable amount of time researching colleges, talking to and sharing ideas with colleagues and admission officers, and continually  visiting new campuses. Lisa objectively shares first-hand knowledge regarding campus vibe, location, and program offerings to help students determine whether or not a particular college or university is a Perfect U for them or not. 



What kinds of students do you work with?

All kinds!  I work with ALL types of students regardless of their GPA and test scores.  BEC assists D1, D2, and D3 athletes wanting to play college sports, as well as drama and art students. She supports transfer students with their selection of transferrable courses and with the transfer application process.  BEC also works with students with learning disabilities.  

My child has learning differences and an IEP.  How can you help?

Due to Lisa's extensive educational and teaching background,  she has an excellent understanding learning differences, including ADHD, processing and executive funtioning deficits, and dyslexia.  As a parent with a child with learning differences, Lisa understands the importance of ensuring that documentation of learning differences is up-to-date so that accomodations can be continued in college.  She helps students attain accomodations for SAT and ACT testing and select appropriate high school courses.  Lisa is quite knowledgeable of learning support programs around the country and can help identify colleges and services that will best suit a student's academic and social needs. 

How does College Planner Pro help keep students on track, facilitate organization and maintain regular communication?

To help keep students on track and organized, each student has a subscription to College Planner Pro (CPP) and PROMPT essay organizer. Students have a personal login and invaluable information at their fingertips about a college's cost, attendance, location, financial aid and degrees offered, average GPA and test scores, percentage of students accepted and much more. Additionally, CPP allows students to create their own list of schools.  They can view all upcoming ACT and SAT testing dates, record their scores, add upcoming meeting times to a built-in calendar, and view their application deadlines, college essay prompts, and their to-do list! Following each meeting,  Lisa sends an email to parents from the CPP site sharing what was discussed and the list of student "to do's"  before the next meeting so that everyone is on the same page. CPP automatically texts and emails both the student and parent reminding them of upcoming meetings and has a keychain feature that stores all school websites, user names, and passwords in one place!.  For me and my students, College Planner Pro is a lifesaver!  

My child has no clue what she wants to study in college.  How can you help?

This is not a unique issue and one not to stress over.  Many high school students have absolutely no idea what they want to study in college and "do "when they grow up.  At BEC, students take comprehensive personality, multiple intelligence, and learning style inventories to bring to light personality strengths, pitfalls and learning preferences. Based on their results, students are presented possible majors of study that are well suited to their natural inclinations and learn how these areas of study translate to careers in the global economy.   

What does BEC guarantee?  What doesn't it guarantee?

Unfortunately, BEC cannot guarantee admission to any college or university.   However, BEC does guarantee that the search and application process will progress at a well-paced, comfortable progression.  Students and families receive Lisa's full attention and she will usually respond to emails, phone calls, and text messages  within a few hours.  Lisa appreciates each student's uniqueness and knows it is important to highlight her personality and strengths to maximize admissions success.  

Does BEC provide test prep for the SAT and/or ACT?

No.  However, BEC can refer you to a reputable test prep and academic tutoring company and offer advice choosing appropriate tests and suggest a test taking schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

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