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Getting to Know You

  • Self Discovery insights as to who you are and who you want to become

  • Review high school profile, projected courses, activities, honors, and talents

  • Suggestions for high school course selection, leadership opportunities, extracurricular activities, and summer enrichment programs

  • Recommend ways to capitalize on your knowledge and experiences

  • Strategies for staying organized throughout the college search and application process

  • Access to online personal student portal – College Planner Pro

  • Guidance on key factors to look for in a college

  • Develop priorities for college selection and identify best fit colleges

  • Training on how to use college search tools and effectively research college options

  • Guidance in developing a balanced list of potential colleges to apply

  • Map out a timeline for completion of all applications and supporting materials

  • Assistance with creating student resume and a page to highlight achievements and bring them to life.

  • Guidance on entrance test preparation and exam schedule

  • Recommendations on which admission types to consider

  • Consider which teachers would provide the strongest recommendations

  • Suggestions on providing information that will prepare the guidance counselor and teacher(s) to write strong letters of recommendation

  • Manage the entire process to ensure all applications are completed well before the deadlines

  • Review of completed applications prior to submission

  • Tips on obtaining financial aid and Scholarships


Learning Differences

Transfer Student Guidance

  • Ensure documentation regarding learning differences is up-to-date

  • Assist in attaining accommodations for SAT and ACT testing

  • Discuss the pros and cons of disclosing learning differences on the application

  • Identify schools and services that will best suit your needs and aspirations 

Students working hard at a summer Essay Bootcamp Session

  • Provide answers to ALL questions and concerns throughout the process

  • Communicate regularly by email, texting, and/or phone regarding meeting outcomes and action items

  • Assistance with reviewing financial aid package and awards

  • Guidance on evaluating the “pros and “cons” of accepted colleges

  • Support with making the final decision

  • Advice on how to successfully launch your college career


Comprehensive Services

Building The College List

  • Suggestions on how to glean the most from fairs, visits, tours, and interviews

  • Lists of suggested questions to ask admission officers and tour guides

  • Guidance on interviewing techniques and mock interviews

  • Suggestions on how to demonstrate interest to colleges

College Fairs / Visits / Tours / Interviews / Showing Demonstrated Interest

The Application Process

  • Brainstorm possible essay topics and develop ideas

  • Suggest ideas for format, structure, and content

  • Assist with writing compelling essays that tell your unique story in your own voice

  • Continuous feedback on subsequent revisions

Essays and Personal Statements

  • Assistance in completing all parts of the Transfer Application

    • Application completion

    • Brainstorming essay(s)

    • Forwarding all transcripts

    • Submitting letter(s) of recommendation

  • Guidance in selecting course work that demonstrates sufficient mastery of lower division work to make the leap to upper division work at a 4-year institution

  • Review articulation agreements between 4-year universities and the community college and how credits will transfer. 

  • Help students determine comparability of courses among institutions

  • Provide necessary resources to better understand the transfer process

On-going Communication and Support

The Comprehensive Package


Services Provided in the Comprehensive Package:      


I. Planning and Preparation                           


  • Review of transcript

  • Advice on high school course selection

  • Recommendations on extracurricular involvement and summer opportunities

  • Testing and test prep recommendations

  • Administration of personality/multiple intelligence/learning styles assessments to determine good-fit majors

  • Discussion of how to make the most of the high school experience

  • Initial discussion of factors affecting college choice (with student and parent(s).

  • Access to the exclusive online personal student portal, College Planner Pro, a key organizational tool

  • Access to exclusive BEC files with comprehensive information on major exploration, email correspondence w/admission reps, activity resume development, campus tours, interviews, comparison of ACT vs. SAT, and demonstrated interest, and financial aid and scholarship information

  • A detailed overview of the college admission process, including timeline and deadlines

  • In-depth test recommendations on ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests (choice and timing of tests, test prep options, and timing) – development of an individualized timeline

  • A follow-up summary is emailed to student and parent(s) following every meeting 


II. Major Exploration and College Search 

  • Assessments via CPP to identify good-fit majors, career interests, and Administration of Personality, Multiple Intelligence Learning Styles colleges and

  • Administration of Corsava’s REALLY WANTS IN A COLLEGE assessment to build a college list

  • Administration of YOU SCIENCE aptitude survey to identify natural aptitudes, good fit majors, career interests  and colleges

  • Develop a preliminary list of colleges tailored to the student’s needs and the family’s financial situation. The list is updated as the student evaluates each school

  • Provide college researching tools and strategies

  • Advice on making successful college visits

  • Prepare students for successful interviews 


III. College Applications

  • Preparation of well-rounded list of colleges (safety, target, reach) uniquely suited to the student (typically 6-12)

  • Develop college application plan and oversee student progress

  • Meet with student and family to discuss college list in summer before senior year

  • Assistance with Common Application as well as all non-Common Applications

  • Assistance with formatting and developing Activities Resume 

  • Assist the student in brainstorming essay ideas and provide feedback on multiple drafts

  • Assistance with scholarship identification and recommendations

  • Overview of merit aid, FAFSA, CSS Profile, need-based aid and analysis of Estimated Family Contribution (EFC)

  • Review and analysis of college aid packages, help with making a final choice when decision letters are received

  • Unlimited e-mails and phone support through the first semester of college


Essay Review and Support                                                                                

  • The student is invited to attend a half-day BEC Essay "Bootcamp" at the beginning of summer and will receive tools and strategies to write a compelling, memorable personal statement. The student will leave the session with a topic and outline.

  • The student is invited to attend Common App, UC, Coalition, and CSU workshops to complete college applications.

  • The student has access to "Prompt," an essay organizer that provides each college's essay prompts. Prompt is an efficient, user-friendly vehicle to share essays. 


Additional Services 

  • Hourly assistance ($175 per hour) for review of Portfolio Materials required for Film, Animation, Digital Media, Creative Producing, Dance, Architecture, and other majors requiring a portfolio

















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