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University of Washington

University of Washington located in Seattle, WA on Lake Washington and is ranked #2 as the most innovative public university in the world. UW has a retention rate of 92% and most students graduate in 4 years. As a large university with 30,000 undergraduates, it encourages a cross-disciplinary approach to learning where students are encouraged to mix and match majors. In 2015, 91% of the 2,311 undergraduate courses offered had fewer than 100 students and over 7,000 undergraduates are involved in research. Although it rains an average 38.6” a year, Miami actually gets nearly double the amount of rainfall that Seattle does. Approximately 4,600 undergraduates participate in Greek life with 39 fraternities and 27 sororities. Coffee lovers will be impressed by the 28 different coffee houses right on campus! The new light rail located next to Husky stadium allows students to get to downtown Seattle within 6 minutes.

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