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Boston College

Boston College is a Jesuit, Catholic, Tier 1 research school just five miles (30 minute ride on the “T” ) from downtown Boston. This year (2020), BC has dropped Early Action and have gone to ED1, ED2, and Regular Decision. Students applying ED should not have to depend on financial aid offers. This year, BC had over 35,000 applicants for 2300 spaces. Its acceptance rate was 27%. BC also requires applicants to apply directly to a division—arts and sciences, nursing, education, or business, as it is difficult to transfer between programs (except into Arts and Sciences). The strongest applicants have depth in all academic areas (prefer to see 4 years). Nearly half of the freshmen class lives on the Newton campus, a mile and a half (5-10 min. bus ride) from Main campus. Students live on campus for 3 to 4 years. Students are excited to attend D1 sporting events, particularly football, hockey, and lacrosse. An annual sporting highlight is the Beanpot New England hockey tournament when BC faces Harvard and Boston University. The brand new 150,000 sf Schiller Institute is expected to be completed in Fall 2021. It will house research labs, a 180 seat auditorium, 11 classrooms, and will be the future home of the Engineering and Computer Science departments, the Shea Center for Entrepreneurship, and an Integrated Sciences Cleanroom.

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