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Brown University

One of Brown University’s key distinguishing aspects is its Open Curriculum. Students do not “major” or “minor” in a subject; rather they have a concentration. Brown has no core requirements and students are invited to explore classes of interest. Students must take two writing designated courses (based on a student’s concentration) and are required to study eight full semesters. Brown’s engineering program is oldest out of all the Ivy’s and its most popular concentration is computer science (1000 students/6600 total enrollment). Students are offered a “shopping period” during the first 2 weeks of the semester to attend any of the 2000 classes offered that they are interested in and then can decide which classes they wish to ultimately enroll in. Students can take 5 classes outside of their concentration for SNC (Pass/No Pass). All students are assigned a faculty advisor and Mieklejohn (peer advisor). Over 1000 students participate in research per year, and between 600 to 800 conduct summer research. As an Ivy League school (acceptance rate < 8%), Brown’s admissions is need blind admission, offers need-based financial aid, and meets 100% of demonstrated need. It offers no merit or athletic scholarships. Just off campus, students enjoy walking to lively Thayer Street to shop, dine, and socialize.

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