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Duke University

Located in Durham, North Carolina Duke’s distinctive Pratt Engineering program has 1200 undergrads with freshmen taking courses in math, science, intro to engineering, and a hands-on design class. It is relatively easy to switch majors with the Engineering school and double major in a subject from the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences. All students are assigned an academic dean that assists with course planning. As admission to Pratt is quite competitive, it is key for students to share their passion for engineering, experiences, and their end goal in their application. Duke Blue Devil School spirit is pervasive with hundreds of students pitching tents up to 6 weeks before the big UNC v. Duke basketball match up. Freshmen live and eat on East campus and take a bus to West classes to attend classes. Students are required to live on campus for 3 years. Students claim that the student community is very collaborative and that they are quite close to the faculty. Fun Fact: If Duke beats UNC in the big game, they rush back to their dorms, pick up their dorm bench, and have huge bonfire in the quad to celebrate the victory—a Duke tradition

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