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Oregon State University

OSU is a large land grant university located in Corvallis, OR with 32,744 undergraduates. 44% are from outside Oregon. Corvallis has a population of 50,000 and is one hour from the coast and 1 ¼ hours to Portland. Key academic programs include pre-pharmacy and pre-et, and forestry (ranked #1 in the US). Automatic scholarships ranging from $6k to 12K plus are awarded to non-residents with a GPA of 3.0+ (test scores not considered). Students are accepted to the university (not to a major), and there are no caps academic programs. For kids missing the sunshine, the Mind Spa offers lights for sunlight and is free of charge. The Learning Innovation Center has a large arena-style classroom where students sit around the stage (360 degrees) while the professor lectures. Many students get internships at Hewlett-Packard and Nike. A hip place to eat just off campus is Downward Dog!

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