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University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming is located in Laramie- population 32,000- altitude: 7220 ft.

· Approx. 12,000 undergrads

· 100+ miles of biking and hiking trails

· 30 minutes from ski and snow sports


· Students admitted to the school –

· no additional requirements for engineering majors

College of Engineering

· Construction management newest major

· Lots of hands on labs, field trips, research, land surveying, robotics labs on campus

· Wyrkshop- over 100 active “makers”

· Can complete masters in a year

· Senior capstone- work with 2-6 engineers. Get a client and project and an advisor then present to judges outside industries

· ME- 22% 300 students largest programs

· CS- 250 students

· Have made major Investments in new facilities

· 19% women in Engineering program

· Offer a certificate in Cypersecurity


· Direct admit and only have 45 slots- need 3.3 or better

· Also have a15 month program


· Can earn teacher credential in 4 years (includes student teaching)

Unique Activities

· Rodeo team- one of the best in the nation

· Equestrian and Ranch Horse Teams


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