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CU-Boulder has 27,815 on campus students and offers over 250 programs of study.

Arts and sciences college is the largest school

College of Media, Communication, and Information is a growing major

College of Music- audition based; can be a double major

Program in Environmental Design/Architecture - not highly selective

Program Exploratory Studies- serving undecided and not given top choice major.

College of Arts and Sciences- only has ONE reader. Determines if admissible to college or not. CU has 58 readers. For Business and Engineering, a second reader will review application. Worse case is that student will get into Exploratory Studies and still have a pathway.

Stats by major can be found on the CU website.

TEST-OPTIONAL-- 60% did not send test scores


· 80% sent test scores

· Engineering Honors- different ppl reviewing. Not part of the CA

· Engineering was 25% of applicant pool.

· 42% nonresident acceptance rate

o 102 applicants had perfect Sat and ACTs

· Aerospace- 19% of engineering apps with a 33% acceptance rate

· Residential campus moving across the street off campus

Engineering majors should take Physics and Calculus.


· 21% of app pool

· 35% nonresident acceptance rate

· Pre-business- 18% admitted— and then 90% eventually make it in.

· Offers a Business residential dorm.-- Moving to middle of campus. Engineering moving to the far out housing.

· 9% Business applicants denied overall to university

· 60% of Exploratory studies able to transfer into Leeds.

· Business majors- Calculus isn’t required calculus at the college; prefer Statistics. Average GPA of accepted students: 3.98

CU-Boulder's popular pool is shaped in the form of their mascot-- the Buffs (Buffalo)


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