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Colorado State

Colorado State University is located in Fort Collins, ranked the No. 1 Place to Live!

· population 174,000

o 1 hour from Denver

· Student Body—27,815 undergraduates

o 69% Colorado residents

o Mid 50% of admitted students GPA: 3.4-4.05

· Platinum level-Bike Friendly

· A Land grant university established in 1870

· 19 learning communities

· Offers a Semester at sea program

Admission info:

· Will drop the Teacher Letter of Recommendation this year

· WUE School- students with a 3.3 GPA automatically get $10,000

o Can’t get merit and WUE

The Oval

· Beautiful Quad area- graduation and multiple events held there

Downtown Fort Collins

· Old Town only a 5 min drive and buses available

· Close by-- Horse Tooth Reservoir - winter and summer sports; hiking, snow shoeing


· Football Stadium holds 40,000

· Free tix for students

· 12.5% belong to frats

Academic Programs:

· Offers 8 different Colleges, including Interior design and Architecture

· College of Business requires an Undergrad capstone

· Ranked #3 ranked in Sustainability

Ranked top 10% college with the Best Professors

o Key Goal- address pressing global problems — sustainability and entrepreneurship

· Students able to earn Concentrations in different subjects.


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