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George Washington University

Located in downtown Washington D.C., George Washington University (GW) comprises seven colleges with a diverse body of 11,000 undergraduates. A two-year on-campus residency requirement exists, and students have the flexibility to commute between two campuses: the Foggy Bottom Campus in the city center, and the more tranquil Mount Vernon Campus four miles away, with regular shuttle service provided.

GW's acceptance rate stands at 43%, and the Elliott School of International Affairs is the most popular college, distinguished as the largest international affairs program in the U.S. Faculty members here, and throughout the university, often have practical governmental experience, enriching the academic environment.

Admissions are flexible with major declarations; students may easily switch majors after acceptance. GW admissions values students' active engagement in high school opportunities rather than their specific achievements. All extracurriculars are viewed equally. They care less about “what you did” in high school, than “how and why” you did the things you did. The university offers Early Decision 1 and 2, along with Regular Decision, seeking self-advocating and driven students.


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