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North Carolina State

  • NC State located in in Raleigh, North Carolina, one of the fastest-growing cities in the US; a top spot for students and young professionals. With 22,000 students, it is ranked #8 best value among U.S. public universities by U.S. New & World Report. The Main campus is home to award-winning living and learning communities, including the Exploratory Studies Village for undeclared first-year students. Its very UNIQUE College of Textiles located on the Centennial campus offers degrees that are perfect for students who want to understand the “science” behind the design. Majors offered include: Fashion and Textile design; Fashion Textile Management; Textile Technology; Polymer & Color Chemistry; and Textile Engineering. The Textile and Engineering colleges are both on the Centennial Campus while the freshmen dorms and other classes are on the Main campus, a five minute bus ride away. For interested high school students in the Textile program, they offer the STEP Summer Textile Exploration Program for rising seniors and the Polymer camp for rising sophomores and juniors. NC States engineering school strives to help students come up with real world solutions to solve real world problems with a focus on must be able to communication, collaboration, and problem solving. The Engineering school as 12 different departments, 6000 undergrad students, incredible resources, and one on one advising. The ultramodern centerpiece of NC State’s award-winning Centennial Campus, the James B Hunt Jr. Library continues to be regarded as one the best and most beautiful learning spaces in the world. Fun Fact: NC State is ranked #3 in the US for veterinary medicine.

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