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UNC-Chapel Hill

UNC-Chapel Hill is one of the top research institutions in the country. Since they only accept 18% out of state (including international) admission is quite competitive. The average SAT for Out of state students is a 1500 or a 34 ACT (they super score both); however, no supplemental testing (AP or subject tests) are needed.

With a 96% retention rate, it is clear that students attending love the academic and social setting immensely. Professional schools include business, nursing, media and journalism, and public health. To be admitted into these schools, students must apply during sophomore year and start program junior year

Business is quite competitive with only a 42% acceptance rate. Minors in entrepreneurship and Management in the Society are available for students that do not get into the business school. About 50% of nursing students are admitted junior year and must do well in their prerequisite coursework. Few merit scholarships are offered at UNC as most scholarships are given to students with financial need. UNC wants students who are dedicated to making a difference and making an impact in their community. Fun Fact: " Chapel Hill is rated 3rd best College Town in the country.

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