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Notre Dame University

This year, 2030 lucky freshmen will begin their colleagiate journey at Notre Dame. It is a unique institution! The overwhelming theme permeating campus is a commitment to helping others, the nation, and the world. While there is no Greek life, strong comaradery is evident in each of the 15 single-sex learning dorms with each having its own mascot, chapel, and intramural teams. I witnessed students donning spirited t-shirts with the name of their dorm. 43 Holy Cross priests reside in residence halls. Two new dorms are currently under construction. 80% of the student body lives on campus for at least 3 years and most students live in the same dorm the entire time. 86% of premed students gain acceptance to their first choice medical school and ND has a 90% law school acceptance rate. 98% of Engineering students stay in engineering and are academically successful due to strong academic support. A new archititecture building is under construction and is due to open next year; architeture majors study in Rome for one year graduate in 5 years. Mid ACT scores at this competitive university range from 33-35 and SAT’s from 1390-1530. ND's alumni family is STRONG; it ranks in the top 3 among national university in alumni satisfaction and contribution.

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