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Purdue University

Purdue University is located in W. Lafayette, IN approximately one hour north of Indianapolis and two hours from Chicago. Purdue is a direct admit university with 30,043 undergraduate

students offering 11 academic colleges and 200 majors. Its revered engineering program is ranked #2 in preparing engineering for the workforce. The engineering school offers students 16 majors to choose including an interdisciplinary engineering degree. Students do not declare a major until sophomore year and have time to investigate the different disciplines. All students can earn a certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation so that they have tools to start their own business. The nursing program is direct admit program and accepts 140 students/year. PU’s Academic Success program offers free tutoring 2x/week and many classes have a recitation class, a small class outside of lecture taught by a TA to clarify concepts. In addition to engineering and nursing, PU has top English, hospitality tourism and management programs. West Lafayette is a fun, lively town walking distance from campus!

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