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Cornell University

CORNELL, the largest of the Ivy’s is located in Ithaca, NY. Applications are read by the specific college a student applies to. There are 7 colleges and it is quite common to study in more than one college. Half of the students attend the College of Arts and Sciences. The Johnson College of Business hosts the #1 Hotel school in the US. Its engineering program is embedded in liberal arts and has a 50-50 ratio of men to women. Professors invite you to conduct research as early as freshmen year. One-third of the student body is involved in the 60+ Greek letter organizations. One-third of the freshman class was chosen ED, and they do NOT consider demonstrated interest. Admissions reps look at natural Intellectual Interests and ask-- can the student do the work?

Ithaca is ranked as a top college town, a top 10 recreation city, one of Americas foodiest towns, and a top 100 places to live.

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