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University of Rochester

The University of Rochester is located on the banks of the Genosee River, 2 miles from downtown Rochester- population 350,000. The Eastman School of Music is located downtown and has a separate application. It also has a medical and dental school on campus. It is a Tier One Research institution with 77% of the students conducting research of some kind. They are looking for Active Experiential learners in their applications. They offer RIG research innovation grants for incoming students that show independent research and can receive a $3000 grant to advance their interests. Its freshmen class is comprised of 1400 students from 46 different states. Students apply to one of three areas of education-- Natural/applied sciences, social sciences;, or humanities and have an advisor at the beginning of their 1styear. There is no set general education core. Students have 70 writing choices to choose from. 33% of students double major, and 20% major in engineering

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