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Salve Regina

Salve Regina is a Catholic university in gorgeous Newport, RI. With 2,000 undergraduate students. It is known for its magnificent, ocean-side campus and 21 historic buildings in the heart of Newport’s historic district. Its direct admit nursing program has a 40% acceptance rate and offers 90 spots each year. Unique to Salve is its Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy and , its leadership in cybersecurity research, policy, and awareness, and its 3+3 Law School Program with Fordham University. It has 12 combined 5-year bachelor’s/master’s programs including MBA and ABA. It’s famed location along Newport’s Cliff Walk location is recognized as one of the best parks in the US. Sailing and surfing are two of its top sports, along with D3 hockey. Surprisingly, rent is extremely inexpensive for students in Newport at $500-$600/month. Fun fact: Salve Regina is located next door to The Breakers, Vanderbilt’s mansion located on Ochre Point Avenue.

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