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The College of the Holy Cross

The College of the Holy Cross is a test-optional university located in Worcester, MA. In 2019, they received 7200 applications, and plan to enroll approximately 750 students.

This liberal arts institution provides a well-rounded, interdisciplinary education that centers around serving others and giving back to the community. All students apply undeclared and are encouraged to take a wide array of classes. Ninety-percent of students live on campus all four years. Fifty-percent of the student body is Catholic. All students take a seminar internship class. An interview is highly encouraged to show demonstrated interest. With 3,000 students and a 19:1 student to faculty ratio, it has HUGE school spirit and D1 sports programs. Its 90% medical school placement makes it a top choice for future doctors. All applications are read 3 separate times. In addition to study abroad programs, the College of Holy Cross offers semester internships in Washington DC and New York.

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