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Wellesley, MA

WELLESLEY is located on 500 lush acres with its own lake and exquisite brick architecture. The private, liberal arts, and selective all-female institution is only 30 to 45 minutes from Boston. Prominent leaders, Hillary Clinton and Madeline Albright, both attended this prestigious university. Its graduates have the greatest number of female Phd’s in a stem field in the nation. A brand new science-research center is under construction and will be completed in the next two years. Wellesley’s highly personable and committed faculty make an effort to get to know each of their students. Many invite students to their homes for dinner and all teach at least one freshman introductory class. Most students live in dorms for 4 years and there is no first year designated housing as all students live together. Each dorm has a its theme and dining hall, with one main dining hall in Lulu. The career office houses 14 advisors that work closely with students to help them connect with employers, alums, and gain internships. Students can take classes and join organizations housed at other Boston area institutions such as Brandeis, Babson, Olin, and MIT. Student leadership is strongly encouraged as participate on every governing body- even on the board the admission! Students read applications, work on financial aid committees, and help with the running of budgets and dorms. Prospective students are HIGHLY encouraged to sign up for an interview on campus or with an alum in their town.

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