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Worcester Polytechnic Institute

WPI is located in Worcester, MA, the second largest city in New England. WPI offers a stem-focused education where humanities matter. WPI’s academic calendar is divided into 7-week terms where students take three classes at a time. The Foisie Innovation Studio is a hub for WPI’s project based curriculum. Students have the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary (not related to major) and capstone projects (major driven), and can travel abroad to work on an international global project to tackle solutions that matter to real people and communities. Additionally, students participate in coops lasting between 4-9 months which typically do not delay graduation and earn students an average of $20-$25k. WPI does not have a punitive grading policy. The letter grades of A,B,C or No Record (NR) are recorded on the transcript and the NR is not incorporated into the GPA. The academic environment tends to be extremely collaborative and supportive and curriculum is very flexible as no classes have prerequisites.

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