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Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech is a public intuition with 15,572 undergraduates and offers 35 majors in 6 colleges (Liberal Arts, Engineering, Computing, Science, Business, and Design). They’ve established a collaborative, entrepreneurial culture that seeks out and responds to real-world challenges. 94% of its faculty hold doctoral degrees and has one of the highest retention rates in the country at 97%. They make an effort to modify and change majors based on societal changes and demands. GT is well known for offering beneficial co-op experiences. 700 Atlanta businesses (Coca Cola, UPS, Chick Filet, Delta Airlines, and other large Atlanta organizations) are eager to hire GT students for a semester or more. Many are hired prior to graduation. 52% graduate with an international experience which may involve a co-op or internship. Admission is quite competitive. In 2019, 37,000 applicants competed for 3100 spots. Admissions looks for engaged students in the community who they believe will be excellent GT fits. 60% of the admitted class is reserved for Georgians, 10% international students, and 30% of the class is out of state. Students are admitted to the Institute, not to a major. Very few merit scholarships are available. Out of state tuition runs at $33,000 compared to $12,400 in state. In May 2020, a brand new Campus Center will open!

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