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Reed College

Reed is a stunning campus surrounded with 120 acres of lush green grass, beautiful trees, a river, and canyon. The water flows to the Pacific Ocean. Students are not only bright and supportive, but they care about their community and are aware of how their words impact others. They engage in the classroom and contribute to the community. In the application, the teacher letter of recommendation is significant. Demonstrated interest is very important, and students have their best shot at acceptance declaring Early Decision. Reed produces more Ph.D. scholars per capita than Stanford or Harvard. While students do receive grades, many students do not see them. They are on a transcript and must ask to see them. Professors give students qualitative feedback on their work. Students love to walk to Woodstock St. to explore and to visit restaurants and coffee houses. New Majors include

o Neuroscience

o Computer science

o Comparative literature

Minors in languages were offered this year for the first time. Most students do not double major as majors require many classes, and students would then be required to do two thesis papers. The Thesis Tower at the top of the library holds students’ theses from many years back. A popular tradition are Balls, or themed parties, held several times per year. Reed does not have any recognized division sports teams—Division "0." Club teams are all co-ed, with rugby being the largest cohesive team. The strong alumni base is very generous with many donating to The Great Fund, which pays for student trips and excursions

Students follow the Honor Principle and follow the Golden Rule, along with the Platinum Rule—treat others how they want to be treated.

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