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University of Portland

UP is a Holy Cross university that focuses on educating the hands, mind, and heart. 25% of the student body are practicing Catholics. Each dorm has a chapel and a priest residing. Priests teach a variety of subjects-- not just theology. 80% of science majors conduct research. Professors, not TAs always teach all lab classes. All business majors are required to have an internship. The School of Engineering has 25% women. Engineering is a direct admit major. Students take an Engineering 100 class, which offers exposure to all four majors—comp sci, civil, mechanical, and electrical. Some engineering students stay an extra year to earn a Biomedical Degree. Nursing is also a direct admit major. Nursing students have access to a state of the art simulation lab and have access to 40 medical institutes for their clinical rotations. 85% of Nursing Applicants who applied by the Early deadline (11/15) are ACCEPTED as long as they applied before 11/15. However, the overall acceptance rate of 25%. APPLYING EARLY IS IMPORTANT—NO FEE FOR APPLYING BEFORE 11/15. 200 freshmen are accepted into Nursing each year. UP’s program is ranked the #1 Direct Admit program on the west coast.

Forest Park is only 10 minutes from campus and offers 85 miles of hiking and biking trails. Education majors work every semester in a school. The coast, Mt Hood, snow, and the Columbia Gorge are only 1.5 hrs away. Portland Airport (PDX) is only 20 min. away and they offer a $5 shuttle to the airport for the holidays.

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