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Willamette University

Located in Salem, OR, the 1,750 Willamette students tend to take fewer years to graduate than those in public universities. It offers generous financial aid and smaller classes. It has a 3-3 Law School and a 3-1 Data Science Masters program. It also has a 5-year BA/MBA program with the Atkinson Graduate School of Management. The 3+2 program in engineering allows students to earn a liberal arts degree in 3 years at Willamette, followed by two years of study at Columbia University in NY, USC or Washington U in St. Louis. Just 10 miles from campus, their 305-acre research and learning landscape at Zena provides diverse habitats- woodland, grasslands, wetlands, and freshwater aquatic areas- for classes like Behavioral Ecology, Forest Ecology, and Politics of Environmental Ethics. Across the street from the campus is the Oregon State Capitol. No other college in the Pacific Northwest offers such direct access to state policymaking. 55% of Willamette students complete at least one internship. An AMTRAK train station is located across the street for easy access to Portland.

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